"Food trucks that serve delectable, table-worthy meals, then drive away. Stores whose very mission is to disappear in a day. Right now, impermanence is the sexiest marketing tool."

From New York Magazine, 2009

Pop-Up Shop is focused on smart, urban site selection and retail store development.

Our mission is to assist companies with approximately 2 to 10 stores, early in their expansion, to open their next 20 to 50 locations.

Our goal is to make the process simple, fast and cost effective for our client.

We focus exclusively on innovative new concepts and retailers who desire and can achieve $800-1000 per square foot in sales.

We work with great brokers, communicating our clients needs, assist in strong lease negotiations and retail presentations to get favorable key sites in the best markets.

We aim to open stores to immediate profits, taking advantage of free rent of 2-3 months minimum and potentially additional Tenant Improvement dollars for retailers with a goal of opening a shop in just 4-6 weeks.

We act as a full service expansion company, coordinating everything from the location to the design, project management and construction, as needed.

We also assist with opening press and promotions.

The Pop-Up Shop (and formerly TenSpeed) represent and have helped develop numerous celebrated retailers whose sales have exceeded all expectations working with our team.

Landlords: If you have a site for a PopUp please contact us! We have clients that want to talk to you.

Contact Tacee Webb (CCB #190900)

"Pop-ups are the epitome of our high-speed, short-attention-span culture. They are restaurants, bars, clubs and shops that spring up in unexpected locations, cause a storm, and disappear just before the fashion crowd moves on to the next big thing."

From Cult Case, 2009